An overview of the good bluetooth headsets for motorcycle riders


Motorcycle riders either like to enjoy their solitude as they ride through different terrain or chat with other riders or their passengers. They may also prefer to listen to music. Bluetooth headsets come in handy as communicating while you ride can be difficult.

Bluetooth headset

hhd84Advanced bluetooth technology allows you to pair your headset with a music player, radar detector, GPS or cell phone. Despite this, you need to choose the right device as the headsets have to work in very difficult environments. This article is an overview of good bluetooth headsets for motorcycle riders, so read on and learn more about this particular gadget.

1. The number of people it can support

You need to know how many people you want to speak to as you ride. Lower cost units only communicate between two people. More advanced units can support at least 15 people.

2. Features

Here are some features you would expect to find in a good Bluetooth headset for motorcycle riders.

  • Waterproof

A waterproof device will come in handy during the rainy season

  • Voice activation

This feature helps the headset to stay quiet when there is no one talking. You can disable it and use a push to talk button.

  • Noise reduction

Most bluetooth headsets have noise reduction features. They have digital signal processing that helps to reduce the noise picked from the microphone. This feature comes in handy when you ride fast or if there is too much wind.

  • Built in FM stereo radio tuner

This feature makes it easy to enjoy music as you ride through different terrain. You can also use this feature to receive directions from a voice prompted GPS unit.

  • Phone connectivity

This feature allows you to talk as you ride. You don’t need to stop in order to pick a phone call or risk your life trying to talk when holding your cell phone and riding at the same time.

3. The downsides

  • Volume

While the device has a very good noise cancellation feature, it fails when it comes to volume. If you use it on a motorbike without a windshield (riding at about 45 miles an hour) it becomes impossible to hear what others are saying. The volume may not be adequate for listening to music clearly.


  • The controls

The devices have very many functions but very few buttons to control them. Most of the controls need you to touch which is quite a hassle is you are wearing gloves. Most of the times you do not get to see what you are doing on the device. When you change a function, it is easy to put the device in a state where you are not sure what it is doing. Sometimes, you are forced to pull over, take the helmet off and try to find out what is going on. Sometimes, you may press some buttons that may literally make the device useless.

All in all

The above bluetooth headsets for motorcycle riders make riding much more enjoyable. Even if the devices have their own sets of problems, it is better to have one than none. However, you get what you pay for. You may want to invest more in your device in order to gain more functionalities. Check this Sena 10 review and see the best headset out there.